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Other products
Wood - a natural product of its distinguishing features, used in many areas for thousands of years. Each timber specie has a different hardness and texture. These features determine the use of different types of wood for specific products making.
Of hardwood are produced furniture, flooring and wall coverings, household items. Softwood is used for construction, production boards, interior decorating, furniture production and other areas.
Depending on the needs of our customers, we supply a round and sawn hardwood (oak, ash and beech), we can also offer softwood (pine, spruce and larch) logs and planks.
Round wood transported by sea containers are fumigated (timber pest prevention).  The hardwood logs ends can be painted or specially reinforced to prevent cracking.
Sawn timber can be single or double cutting, natural moisture or dried, worked or planed.
We provide all the necessary timber certificates (origin, plant health, radiology, fumigation, etc.) for the client.