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Sales Manager for China market

CEO message:

“My name is Donatas Jucius and I am the CEO & founder of the global timber trade company – DIVERUS.

We ship and transport timber and timber products to customers from the Atlantic to the coasts of India and the Pacific. Our raw materials and products are used to build & heat homes and furniture in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, China, and South Korea.

Our vision is to enter the US, Australia, Japan, and other markets by 2026 and double the team to 170 people reaching 200 mln. € turnover.

I’m looking for a new colleague – Sales Manager for China market.

We are a champion character team – as always strive for victories. Along the way, we are not afraid to work hard but smart, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, because when we win – we win together. Therefore, I hope that this position will be taken by a person who follows the same values, meets the challenges with enthusiasm, and is determined to grow.

I promise openness – both in terms of how the company is doing, in terms of direct feedback, and informal communication over coffee or at company parties. ”

The benefits for our employees:

For good annual company results employees are paid bonuses.

We celebrate the birthdays of both our company and our employees, so every employee receives a gift.

Our most recent practice is workcation. In 2022, for good results, together with the whole team, we went to Sacartvel.

If you run out of energy, you will always find snacks, a variety of nuts and fruits, or ‘something sweet’ in our office.

Our team not only celebrates company-related holidays or birthdays, but also entertains and participates in various activities and projects together. We try to maintain a balance between work and leisure.

Professionalism and self-improvement are one of the core values of our company. Therefore, we regularly organise various trainings and workshops.

We are a family business, so we always congratulate our employees on the most important occasions of their lives, such as marriage or the birth of a child, and give them monetary gifts.

In the event of a breakdown of your own car or having it delivered to a service center, we provide taxi services paid for at the company’s expense.

Even if you have to say goodbye, realizing that the roads may still intersect, we part by giving a symbolic gift and say not ‘goodbye’ but ‘see you later’!

What responsibilities and tasks will we entrust?

  • Perform market analysis, and look for different sales opportunities in the markets of China and other Asian countries;
  • Actively create and stay in touch with existing and new customers by phone and live;
  • Prepare commercial offers, and conclude contracts;
  • Participate in the negotiation or renewal of new contracts;
  • Collaborate with colleagues on customer billing, product range and other issues;
  • Implement a sales strategy and achieve your goals.

We hope the new team member will have:

  • Has active sales experience (advantage);
  • Very good knowledge of English (C2 oral and written);
  • Very good knowledge of Chinese;
  • Ability to work both in a team and independently;
  • Susceptibility to new information, negotiation skills, perseverance, result orientation, and communication skills;
  • Good computer skills.

Why choose us?

  • Employee survey says we have a friendly and supportive team;
  • We promise and fulfill employees’ desire for competency-building training;
  • We strive to provide the employee with learning through exciting tasks and experiences;
  • And of course, we try to pay a competency-based, competitive salary.


We would like to pay you over € 1,400 before taxes. The remuneration received will depend on the competencies available, the tasks agreed upon and the result achieved.

Contact us: cv@diverus.com of fill the form below!


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