DIVERUS is like a family. We care about every member of our team, and we are known for having a champions-like character for nothing! To grow and be innovative, we are learning continuously and handling challenges together and quickly. We celebrate our victories actively and extensively. We are always open for motivated employees to join the champion team at DIVERUS. Even if there are no vacancies that interest you currently, but you are up for new challenges and ready to learn and improve, send us your CV, and we will contact you! You can find vacancies here.

Employees’ benefits

Our team is constantly growing, and by valuing each employee, we provide a variety of additional benefits.

Benefit #1

Employees are paid bonuses every year for the company‘s good results.

Benefit #2

Professional attitude and improvement are one of the core values of our company. Therefore, we regularly organise various training and workshops.

Benefit #3

We celebrate every birthday – our company and our employees, and every employee gets a birthday present.

Benefit #4

As a family business, we celebrate special occasions in the lives of our employees, such as a wedding or the birth of a child, providing them with a monetary gift.

Benefit #5

Our latest practice is company trips. For good corporate results, in 2022, our team went on a company trip to Georgia.

Benefit #6

In the event of a breakdown of an employee’s private car or having it delivered to a service centre, the company provides taxi services free of charge.

Benefit #7

Nobody risks running out of energy, as there are always snacks, a variety of nuts and fruits, or sweets at the office.

Benefit #8

Our team not only celebrates company parties or birthdays together, but also participates in various entertainment, activities and projects. We strive for a work-life balance.

Benefit #9

Even when parting with each other, we always say goodbye with a symbolic gift hoping that our paths may cross again.

Our CEO:

DIVERUS is growing and improving rapidly, as the founder of the company has created a champion team that is constantly striving for the best results and victories.
Fact 1

Donatas Jucius, the CEO and founder of the company, became interested in sports as a child, and this helped him develop a champion character. He got Kyokushin Karate 1st dan at Taurus Karate Club. Motorsport is another of Donatas’ passions, and he has participated in the 2022 BMW 325 CUP for the third year in a row. Self-improvement is one of the hallmarks that best characterize Donatas.

Fact 2

Donatas’ motto is closely related to his hobby: “Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers” (Colin McRae). The CEO of DIVERUS is sure that martial arts form a strong character, perseverance, will and endurance, which help to overcome business challenges. He makes quick and well-thought-out decisions and has strong opinions and great humour.

Fact 3

Before starting the company, Donatas Jucius was living in Ukraine. At that time, he worked a lot: going to the SFEs to negotiate the prices, marking trees in the forest, and organising timber transportation for Lithuanian furniture manufacturers. In 2007, he hired the first employee as a purchasing manager in Ukraine, who is still working to this day.

Fact 4

The company “Jurės medis” invited Donatas to work as a purchasing manager in Lithuania. Thus, he coordinated his work with a business in Ukraine for about one year before founding DIVERUS. When the company was finally operating in Lithuania, it only had two employees: Donatas and the office administrator. They were later joined by Donatas’ relative Tomas, who is currently in charge of the round timber section.

Fact 5

Donatas is married and has two children: son Simonas and daughter Smilte. His wife Ingrida Juciene works for DIVERUS as a Public Relations Project Manager.

Job Listings

Sales Manager for China market


By respecting the environment, we ensure the supply of high-quality renewable timber globally.


An international timber trading company in Europe that actively contributes to nature’s conservation and achieves the highest turnover.


Professional attitude and improvement.


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