The goal of DIVERUS is to be sustainable and reduce the footprint of our company, as well as become a CO₂-neutral company. We are constantly implementing new sustainability initiatives, supporting them financially, and participating in various social and other projects.

We do care about long-term sustainability and what we leave behind. Thus, we buy only certified timber from forest owners who are committed to replanting every tree. Besides, we contribute both financially and with our own hands to new afforestation and environmental clean-up campaigns, sort out and support various charity and support funds every year.

DIVERUS sustainability goal is to become a CO2-neutral company in the near future.

DIVERUS annual charity and support fund support budget exceeds the amount of EUR 10,000.

DIVERUS team participates in afforestation and environmental clean-up campaigns every year.

Planting trees

We support and otherwise support the ideas of, as this non-profit organisation with its main goal to increase Lithuania’s forest area by reducing CO₂ in the atmosphere not only grows new forests in infertile areas but also ensures their long-term maintenance for 8 years. According to them, one tree absorbs up to 25 kg of CO₂ per year so reforestation and increasing its area is one of the most effective ways to neutralise its CO₂ footprint.

  • In spring 2022 , Public Institution Myliu mišką planted the first 1,076 DIVERUS trees here.

We participate in the largest of all Lithuanian forest planting – the National Forest Plant.

  • In spring 2022, on behalf of DIVERUS, we planted an area of 2.2 ha where over 10,000 new trees would grow.

Social campaigns

Every year we allocate a budget of EUR 10,000 to charitable foundations. All DIVERUS employees help to select the foundations to be donated to.

For example, in 2022, upon the recommendation of the staff, we provided support to:

Charity and support fund ‘Rugutė’ which provides all types of help to children with oncological diseases and their families.

For projects: The Premature and Nobody’s Children.

For the organisations ‘RAUDONOS NOSYS Gydytojai klounai’ ir PI ‘Ori senatvė’.

Pal. kun. Mykolo Sopočkos hospisas

Association Gero Vėjo Klubas (support for Vilnius Children’s Sailing School to restore burnt-out inventory).

And support for Taurus Karate Klubas that make a positive contribution to the mental and physical development of children and youth.


‘Darom’ is an international movement with a vision of a healthy and clean world. Every year this campaign is also joined by us – DIVERUS team. This is one of the most significant civic initiatives to tackle the waste problem. Cleaning the environment brings people together and reflects our core value – responsibility.


In DIVERUS office, we actively sort secondary raw materials, such as paper, glass, plastic, and metal. In this way, we are helping to contribute to depleting non-renewable resources and the energy that would be used to make new packaging and reduce climate change.


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